BedStory Pillow standard
BedStory Pillow-
BedStory Pillow
BedStory Pillow standard
BedStory Pillow-
BedStory Pillow

BedStory® Pillows for Luxurious Comfort


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Sleep on the cloud: Filled with 3D clusters of plush fiber and surrounded by a skin-friendly cover to provide supreme softness.

Fluffy forever: The pillows are super supportive don’t flatten with use, and are a perfect option when used to sit up to watch television or read a book while relaxing in bed.

Healthy material: Hypoallergenic & dust mite resistant. Rolled & vacuum sealed for eco-friendly shipping.

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With the 3D cluster fiber stuffings, the pillow always stays its fluffy shape and provides support for your neck for extra comfort.

12inch in height

Sounder sleep

Low motion transfer

Soft & Supportive

Cooling Technology


Ultimate support

Skin friendly

sweet sleep

Pressure point relief

10-year warranty

Free shipping and returns

Ultra-soft Down Alternative Filling

comfortable pillow

Cozy Sleep

Very comfortable type of pillows for sleeping.This high quality fiber pillow is for your cozy sleep, with wonderful support, it fits perfectly with your head, makes you feel like sleeping on the cloud.

Enjoy Restful and Healing Sleep

A medium-high loft can be easily reshaped to accommodate each position, is good for combination position sleepers.

Luxurious pillow

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this hypoallergenic?
YES, The Pillows are hypoallergenic, allergic person can also use.
How to deflate the pillow for travel?
If you want to use them for travel, get one of those storage bags that you roll the air out of. Or one that uses the vacuum cleaner.
how many pillows come with the package?
2 pillows.
The 2 pillows arrived flat, how do we get them to fluff up?
Shake them vigorously.
Would these be good for someone who sleeps on their stomach?
The pillow is fairly dense, does not flatten out easily. I am a side sleeper and this pillow is perfect for me.

Make your bedroom more perfect

The Bedstory® collection is designed to work together to help improve your sleep

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